Marine Operations

We believe that efficient planning and preparation of a loading operation saves our customers for unexpected problems, potential show stoppers, time and money.

Our sailing crew are trained to handle project cargoes – all our vessels are well equipped with fixed lashing points and a large stock of lashing equipment.

In addition to new and efficient tonnage Peak Project Carriers holds a dedicated team of port captains / master mariners / structural engineers – to support our vessels in their daily operation.

We also have a constant focus to be in possession of efficient and reputable software solutions making us able to.

  • Assist our customers in the design phase to optimize the transport.
  • Recommendation and design of transport solutions.
  • Grillage and sea fastening design including strength assessment and sea fastening calculations.
  • Preparation of method statement / transport manuals.
  • Risk assements / SJA.
  • Coordination of load out / discharging operations.

Some of Our Projects: