29. March 2019
Bjørn Steinhaug

PEAK Group AS recently purchased MV Sharon 5000dwt (pictured below). The vessel will be re-named MV PEAK Sauda and rebuilt into a selfdischarger and serve European Industrial charterers in the co-operative system with Arriva Shipping.

Furthermore, PEAK has joined Arriva Shipping and Partners into a newbuilding contract with a Chinese Yard. The vessels Dwt is 8 500 – LOA 120 meters, abt. 12.000m3 hold and will be delivered 3rd quarter 2020.

The vessel will be fitted with battery packs enabling the vessel to navigate into ports and there self unload and/or self load her cargoes emission free. The load and unloading equipment is fully electrical and consequently emission free. We are thereby meeting the future increasingly stronger environmental laws and regulations.

Indeed we are pleased to have been in a position where we could participate in such future related tonnage together with Arriva Shipping and Partners.

PEAK Marine Tech will deliver folding hatchcovers and traverse to the newbuilding and also be responsible for the conversion of MV PEAK Sauda into a selfidischarger.

https://www.peakmarinetech.com for more information.

PEAK Group with offices in Bergen, Groningen and Hamburg operates a fleet of 35 dry cargo, project and selfdischarging vessels and continuously developing their fleet and service to meet their customers’ requirements.